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  • Tired of paying through the nose for the congestion charge, tube fares, bus tickets and similar?

  • Looking for a transport system that's flexible enough to fit with your schedule?

  • Want to adopt a mode of transport which is environmentally friendly and generates zero emissions?


In many cases, the best mode of transport could be an electric car, bike, scooter or similar. The technology and design of electrically powered products have advanced significantly in the past few decades, resulting in vehicles and other methods of transport which are easy to use, accessible, reliable and cost-effective. Use us to discover the very best options for your electric commute, as well as keeping up with the latest improvements, new vehicles, industry news, reviews and related information.


Electric bicycles - space saving and versatile

E-bikes are particularly beneficial for commuting, as many can be folded when not in use. This enables them to be carried on the tube, trains and buses even during peak hours, unlike a standard push bike. Ideal for use in London as an alternative to shorter tube journeys, electric bikes can also be an attractive leisure tool that enables users to enjoy the countryside. E-cargo-bikes also allow you to carry a fair bit of luggage, providing a realistic alternative for shopping or similar. A great way to start and finish a longer journey, electric bikes can also be used as an alternative to more costly, polluting forms of transport.

Electric cars

The growing number of charging points across the country mean that owning an electric car is becoming a far more user-friendly option. Contemporary electric cars aren't just incredibly fuel efficient and green, they also stack up when it comes to performance, safety and comfort. With some electric cars having a range of around 200 miles, they are more than capable of coping with an average commute or tootling around town.

Electric scooters - a fun way to get to the office! ( currently not road legal in the UK)

If you're a scooter fan, but like the idea of a little bit of assistance during your ride, an electric scooter could work well. A great way to add some excitement to your urban journey, electric scooters are becoming increasingly common across the UK. Why not check out our great selection, or find out more about the amount you could save by swapping your usual train journey for an exhilarating scooter ride?

Why not use an electric motorcycle?

As well as electric cars, electric motorbikes are also proving a great option. In addition to offering cost-saving commuting, there's no need to pay a congestion charge when you enter London on an

electric bike.

Green, money-saving, sustainable and jolly nippy, there are lots of reasons why electric vehicles are fast becoming one of the "must have" transport items. Whether you wish to streamline your morning commute, fancy broadening your horizons on a weekend jaunt in the countryside or just want to see what all the fuss is about, we can give you access and info to the very best of electric vehicle choices.

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Being environmentally friendly is amazing! With the incredible number and types of electrically powered vehicles increasing almost daily the benefit to the environment is undeniable. That said, with such a rapidly changing technology and with regulations slow to catch up, it's best to stay on the right side of the law and the politics behind it.

We've put together a compendium to help you keep in the know. Click below for more info!