Finding a cost-effective, green and accessible form or transport can be a challenge: e-bikes could be the answer!

An e-bike, or electric bike, is simply a push bike which has the added advantage of a battery. This means that on hills, or longer stretches of flat terrain, it's possible to get some added assistance, without relying solely on pedal power. For users, this is a form of transport that enables them to cover more ground, more easily!

However, that's just one of the many benefits which using electric bicycles can bring.

Ideal for commuting across London and other urban locations

Possibly the best mode of transport for traversing the capital, electric bikes have zero emissions, meaning that users are exempt from the congestion charge. An excellent alternative to the tube, they are ideal for slightly longer trips, or for those awkward "end of journey" commutes from the railway station to your place of work. If you make the bulk of your trip on public transport, a folding electric bike could be just the thing. Whilst standard bikes can't be carried on trains during peak times, or on buses, a folding electric bike is acceptable. Because the bike is powered, it means that less effort is expended during a journey - ideal if you want to arrive for work looking presentable, rather than distinctly sweaty!

Why not use an electric bike for leisure activities?

An electric bike isn't just a great solution when you want a cost-saving commute, it's also a great option for a leisure expedition into the countryside. The added power which the battery provides enables users to go further and cope with terrain which might be too challenging using pedal power alone. If you fancy tackling some exciting off-road conditions, but still making use of a bike with a battery, why not consider one of the electric mountain bikes which are currently on the market?

E-cargo-bikes for your shopping or school runs

Contemporary electric bikes are available in a wide variety of different designs, ensuring there's something for everybody. An e-cargo-bike is created so that it has plenty of storage - just the thing if you want to do your shopping in a way that's environmentally friendly and which is far cheaper than driving or using the bus or train. Riding an e-bike is entirely legal in the UK: you do not need to take a test before operating one and do not need to hold a driving licence.

Electric bikes or e-bikes are growing in popularity as a convenient transport choice that bridges the gap between a fully powered mode of transport (for example a car or bus) and manually operated transport. By opting for an electric bike, users are able to enjoy the benefits of a pedal bike (physical activity, no congestion charge, cost-effective, green and extremely flexible) along with the advantages that using a powered form of transport can bring (larger travel distances and travel over more challenging terrain, as well as the ability to move larger loads).

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