Electric cargo bicycles are growing in popularity for all sorts of reasons, and they’re now more advanced than ever before. With the technology behind electric cargo bikes progressing rapidly, they’re both energy efficient and reliable, making them a great choice over regular push bikes, mopeds, scooters or motorcycles.

If you’re thinking about investing in a top-of-the-range electric cargo bike, here are just a few of the advantages.

No congestion charges

Drive into the centre of London in a delivery car, van or motorbike, and you’ll be stung by the congestion charge of £11.50 per day. While it might be alright as a one-off, entering the congestion charging zone multiple times a week can become eye-wateringly expensive. Use electric cargo bicycles, however, and there’s no penalty to pay, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the course of the year.

Go green!

We’re all more environmentally aware than we were just a handful of years ago. Choose an electric bike and you significantly cut your carbon footprint, as there are no emissions and pollutants. With many more of us wanting to go green and minimise the harm we’re doing to the planet, it looks likely that more people will choose electric cargo bikes in the future.

Avoid the traffic

Fed up of spending hours in traffic jams and tailbacks? According to the government website, as long as your electric bike meets EAPC requirements it is classed as a pedal bike and can, therefore, be used in cycle lanes and on cycle paths. That means you can dodge the traffic and get to your destination much faster, which is great news for delivery drivers and private owners alike.

No road tax

As electric bikes aren’t classed as road vehicles, you don’t need a licence and you don’t have to register it or pay road tax. With road tax going up year on year, that could save you a small fortune in the long-run.

An alternative delivery system

Electric cargo bikes have ample storage space if you’re a courier or delivery driver, making them a fantastic alternative delivery system. They’re now more energy-saving and reliable than ever before, ensuring you can safely store and deliver whatever goods you provide. With all these advantages over conventional scooters and mopeds, electric cargo bikes really are the smart choice for the future.

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