All car industry experts feel that the electric car market in the UK is set to really take off from 2019. The government has pushed hard for the introduction of electric vehicles (EV) with a variety of grant inducements for businesses and individuals.

It has to be said there are loads of benefits for electric car users and some of these are discussed below.

Zero emissions

One of the principal attractions of an electric car is that your all driving is totally zero emission. Your "closed loop" electric vehicle does not produce any waste materials as the battery powers all onboard features. The only way EVs actually pollute the environment is at the time of charging, which depends on the type of power used. If your electricity is sourced from renewables, then you can genuinely state that your EV is a truly environmentally friendly travel solution.

Purchasing incentives

Electric cars are still an expensive investment; however, one valuable incentive to purchase is the government's Plug-In Car Grant initiative which offers a variety of discounts depending on your purchase requirements. Electric cars are available with discounts of £4,500, but plug-in hybrid vehicles just receive a discount of £2,500. Qualifying commercial vehicles are discounted by up to £8,000.

Some car manufacturers also offer a variety of seasonal discounting offers and freebies to incentivise buyers.

Significantly lower running costs

The running costs for EVs are a lot less than for petrol or diesel vehicles. Additionally, your car could be totally exempt from DVLA car taxes or much cheaper than petrol or diesel models. If you can access cheaper electricity during the night, your charging costs will be even lower. Fully charging the battery of an EV costs around £1.50, so you can see that this is likely to be much cheaper for your daily commute than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Charging prices at local charging stations will vary quite a bit, depending on their location. However, many businesses do now provide free charging stations in company car parks.

Easy and smooth to drive

The latest lines of electric vehicles are very smooth and quiet to drive. They don't have gears, so you won't need to continually change up or down when you're driving in traffic. What's more, they can be really good fun and the fact they are so cheap to run means you can spend more time exploring the local countryside and attractions in your neighbourhood. As an added benefit, their responsive, quick acceleration adds a bit more excitement to any drive.

Great for the daily work commute

Electric cars are ideal for daily commuters and mean there's no necessity for local buses or tubes into the city. As already noted, they are extremely cost effective too. In addition, congestion charges are being introduced in more and more cities throughout the UK and your electric car won't attract any congestion charges at all, which adds even more cash to the total saved over the lifetime of your vehicle.

The average car journey in the UK is just less than nine miles, which means any worries about battery charge capability can be safely junked as any EV has the available charge for much longer distances.

Prices for electric vehicles are coming down all the time and the introduction of more new models to the market make the electric car sector a true buyer's market nowadays.

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