Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and the electric vehicle revolution doesn't just encompass cars. Electric motorcycles are taking the biking world by storm and the constant introduction of new models and upgrades has a lot to with their popularity. Owning an electric motorcycle offers you the freedom to travel when you want, where you want, with no worries about polluting the environment.

Charging points for electric vehicles are becoming more common in cities and towns, so running out of power will prove less of a problem. That said, manufacturers are currently working on plans to swap out bike batteries when needed, which will offer bikers even more advantages.

Benefits of electric motorbikes

There are heaps of benefits associated with owning your own electric motorcycle. You can use your bike for commuting to work on a daily basis and won't have to worry about congestion charges or running for buses or tubes. What's more, electric motorbikes are environmentally friendly with zero emissions, which is only boosting their popularity further.

The electric vehicle subsidy offered by the government applies to motorcycles as well as electric cars. This subsidy provides a valuable 20% discount on the price of a new bike up to a maximum purchase price of £1,500.

Whether you are a biking hobbyist or simply want an electric motorcycle to get you from point A to B on a regular basis, you're sure to find a model that will suit your needs.

From scooters to motorbikes: worldwide production

Popular manufacturers are now releasing electric motorbikes and high-tech toys that please even the most demanding consumer or adrenaline junkie. China is manufacturing a lot of electric motorbikes now, making prices in the UK for electric bikes a lot more wallet-friendly.

Electric scooters are proving very popular for city commuters in the UK as many have a neat, stylish look that appeals to both men and women. These electric bikes are extremely affordable too, and you can pick up a new model for approximately £2,000 if you shop around.

Electric motorcycles offer you the freedom to travel anywhere you please, whether you want to go exploring the local countryside or plan longer trips. You'll experience lots of fun and enjoyment when you own your own electric motorbike and its zero-emission status means you've chosen an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

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