Electric scooters Electric scooters for adults are increasingly popular with commuters around the globe and offer a quick and surprisingly speedy way to get from A to B. If you travel into the city by train, it's an easy matter to take a portable, adult scooter along to complete your journey in style. These scooters are lightweight and perfect for storing within any size apartment or home environment, too.

Benefits of electric scooters

Using an adult scooter offers a variety of benefits, and the number of people using them to get about in cities just goes to illustrate how convenient they can be. One important downside of using them in the UK, though, is that they are not currently legal for use on roads or pavements. This is because they are classed as PLEVs (personal light electric vehicles), so users could face a fine up to £75 or arrest. This doesn't seem to be stopping London commuters, though. These scooters are now a common sight on the congested inner city roads and pavements. Uber already operate a scooter hire service in the United States and plan to launch a similar fleet in the UK very soon.

That said, the benefits of these light e-scooters can be immense. Commuters find them an ideal cost-saving solution, which eliminates any need for travel on public transport. Battery powered e-scooters are emission-free, so you won't be creating any pollution issues when you use one. What's more, even if you ride your scooter on the roads, you won't face any kind of congestion charges.

You can pick up a decent electric scooter for around £200, while the top of the range models come in at more than £1,000. Some of these top-rated scooters can reach maximum speeds up to 35mph and even more. So, it's easy to see just how quickly you can get around the city centre when you choose to scoot. Popular electric scooters not only fold up easily, making them an ideal option for commuters, but they can also be fully charged in as little as three hours. Meaning that after your ride to work your scooter will be ready for use again well before lunchtime.

Some scooters will take a longer time to charge than others but can offer much further travel distances. Travel distances on scooters vary with some scooters offering as much as 62 miles from just one charge, ideal for individuals with a longer commute or who wish to ride their electric scooter as a recreational activity. Many scooters can be connected to smartphone apps and other devices to provide useful journey data, such as directions and traffic updates.

E-scooters can be fantastic fun for riders, both in the city and out in the countryside. If you're happy to accept the fact that using an electric scooter in the UK may not be entirely legal, then buying one offers a great way to avoid rush hour congestion on public transport.

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