Electric trekking bicycles; easy, efficient and effortless!

For fun, for work or for fuel efficiency, it could be time to “get on your bike”! Thanks to modern technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling with none of the effort, if you go electric. Take that one step further, and you could opt for an electric trekking bike that opens up even more commuting and leisure opportunities.

Easy cycling for all abilities and needs

Electric trekking bicycles are becoming an increasingly common sight round and about in the countryside, but also on urban cycle paths and lanes. This is largely thanks to the fact they make travel and exploring by bike a possibility for all ages and levels of fitness. You can go further and have even more fun. For the growing number of British people who own a motorhome or caravan, electric trekking bikes are a brilliant invention. They can be popped inside or secured to bike racks to provide an invaluable form of transport once you have pitched up.

Cost efficient travel and leisure

You don’t need a licence or motor insurance to ride an electric bike if it’s below 500 W (0.671 hp), has pedals and doesn’t go over a 20 mph speed limit! Anyone aged 12 and above can ride an electric bicycle, though of course safety helmets are highly advisable. The benefits of an electric trekking bicycle are that it provides access to even more possible terrains and journeys than a standard e-bike. The same bike that gets you to work quickly and smartly, can take you out on adventures at the weekend. You can cover a lot of miles, without the cost of fuel.

Great choice including beginner models

The versatility of electric trekking bicycles comes from the fact they are engineered to be tough, reliable but also comfortable. Even better news, they are manufactured in various sizes and styles to match different preferences and body types. This includes lighter and easy to learn models for young or inexperienced riders. City, town, coast or country, electric trekking bicycles make “short work” of journeys, with maximum enjoyment.

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